hello + welcome

Thank you so much for being here. My name is Pearl and I am based in Prince George, BC. I specialize in boudoir / intimate and fine art portraiture.

I began my photography journey almost ten years ago and have always found immense love and purpose in challenging narratives of identity, beauty, and transformation. I have the privilege of working with individuals, couples, and groups in a deeply sensitive and emotional capacity.

My work is driven by themes of vulnerability and resilience. Every session is crafted with care to tell your story and to foster a deeper connection with not just those in your life, but also, and most important, with yourself. I hope you find a little bit more love and delight after our time together. I hope my images (and the ones I capture of you) evoke something wonderful and haunting in you.

Perhaps you find yourself in a place where you do not feel brave or ready. I invite you to fully give back to yourself with this experience. I invite you to invest both curiosity and love into the parts of you and your life that feel wildly unfamiliar or terrifying.

I am here for you and I would be honoured to photograph you.

xo Pearl